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French Bulldog Run Over Twice In Two Days!

Wow what a Story this is, this 4 year old French Bulldog was run over twice by a car in two days. But that’s not all after the second car hit the French Bulldog was missing for two weeks on the streets.

A family dog that was run over twice in two days and was missing for almost two weeks has finally been reunited with her gleeful owner.

Four-year-old French bulldog Marnie first escaped on Tuesday, January 12 after being hit by a blue van in Armstrong Street, in Grimsby’s East Marsh.

The dog’s owner Jim then received a phone call the following morning from a taxi driver, who told him he had driven into Marnie near Wynsors World of Shoes on Cromwell Road.

Since then, Marnie has been roaming the streets and although she had been spotted on a few occasions, she was unable to be caught.

However she was eventually found earlier this lunchtime in the back garden of a property on Cromwell Avenue, and has now been reunited with a happy owner.

Jim said: “I am just so relieved, I thought I was never going to see her again.

“Apparently she was sat next to a tree and she was growling, with her lead still lead on. But she’s back here with me now and she looks okay.”

Marnie was reported missing on local Facebook pages where several members of the public got in touch to say she had been spotted.


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