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French Bulldog Puppy Teething

People love their French Bulldog Puppy’s, I mean how could you not love this little cute, innocent little thing. In all this cuteness and loving moments, we should not forget that we have to respect and fulfill our puppy needs. What I mean is that we have to establish simple rules, boundaries and limitations for our puppy. If we don’t do it, then what seems for us funny and cute with 8 to 12 weeks is not more that funny when our Frenchies are 8 months or more. When our puppy is around eight weeks old then there is a special phase starting. It is called the French Bulldog Puppy Teething phase, I know a lot of people who have big problems during this time. They are either confused, angry or don’t know at all how and what to do during the French Bulldog Puppy Teething phase.

What are you going to learn today about the French Bulldog Puppy Teething?

  • Why our French Bulldog Puppy is actually teething?
  • How long does it takes till they stop it?
  • How to soft mouth train your French Bulldog puppy?
  • How to help your puppy during the teething time?

Let’s get started…Shall we?

Why our French Bulldog Puppy is actually teething?

Your French Bulldog puppy is teething, the same way that human babies and children grow new teeth during their development. Like a human, your pup first grows a set of baby teeth, these teeth are pointed and sharp, which is why they’re sometimes referred to as needle teeth. You may find baby teeth on the floor, but it’s more likely that you won’t. Often, puppies harmlessly swallow the teeth while they’re eating. ( I found so far two Baby teeth from Bushido, which we still keep with us). It is not unusual for some bleeding to occur when the teeth fall or are falling out, don’t be afraid it is not like you will have to deal with a lot of blood. Most of the time you will not even notice it and if yes then you will see some blood stains on the toy.

During your French Bulldog Puppy Teething time, you will see that they attack just everything they see with their mouth. Why are they doing it, would you ask yourself? Well, Dogs are learning much more about their world through touching things, and most of the time they touch things with their mouth. If you have a retriever as a breed, then you will see that they are mouthing much more than other breeds would.

Dogs learn much about the world around them through their mouths.

Sometimes Puppy’s under 16 weeks old start mouthing you because they are in need of something. Maybe they are hungry or thirsty and at the moment this is the only way they know how to communicate with you. They might just want tp play with you, if you observe your French Bulldog Puppy properly during this time then you will quickly figure out what their mouthing means.

It is very important that you try to avoid to play ”tug of war” during the time you try to train a soft mouth. Otherwise, this play will just only encourage your puppy to bite you…

How long does it take till they stop it?

Normally the French Bulldog Puppy Teething time takes up to 24 weeks, but again it depends sometimes on the dog itself how long it will take. But normally around the 20th to 24th week the real teeth are all grown up and the French Bulldog Puppy Teething time is over. Hopefully, you did a good training during this time to teach your pup a soft mouth.

Always Praise And Reward A Gentle Mouth And Ignore Or Withdraw From Inappropriate Nipping

How to soft mouth train your French Bulldog puppy?

The French Bulldog Puppy teething time is truly a crucial time to be in. What I mean with it is, that during this time your focus should be to teach your puppy basic obedience, some simple commands, and most important a SOFT MOUTH. If you don’t do it during this phase, you will have a much harder time later on and it will take you twice the time to do it. Because all your French Bulldog puppy learned was, that it is o.k to touch the furniture, things which are not for a dog and special humans with their mouth. There are some basic techniques on how to train your puppy to develop a soft mouth.

  • Let’s start with my preferred method and which so far always worked for me like a charm. Whenever your puppy is starting to bite your hand, foot etc. You just simply give a loud ”Ouch” out from you, same as the puppy’s sibling would do or his mother. In this way, you let the French Bulldog Puppy know, that he or she went to far. You will see normally the reaction of your puppy straight away as he or she backs up. But don’t be fooled the puppy will come back to you in less than a minute. and you just do the same, dog training takes time and patience.
  • Another method is to start early on simple obedience training like sit, this way you can redirect his teething behavior to something positive like sitting.
  • Give your puppy a chew toy and redirect him to it. When you feel you puppy is again starting to mouthing you. Then give again a loud ”Ouch” from you, and straight after this give your puppy the chew toy. This way he will learn that humans are not toys and that he can only chew on his toys.

This two methods below are not the ones which I use, but I know some people who use it in the right way and are very successful with it.

  • This method is not what I prefer to do, but it works for some people. In bad biting cases as soon as your puppy latches onto your hand say“No!” and quickly put your thumb inside his mouth under his tongue, and your other finger under his chin. Hold it there for about 10 seconds (not too tightly). This will feel uncomfortable to your puppy plus he won’t be able to bite you.
  • Another technique which people like to use is, fill up an empty can with rocks or coins. Each time your puppy starts biting say No! and give the can a shake. Apparently puppies hate this rattling noise. This method is not what I like to use for very young puppy’s and the age of 6 months. It might scare your young French Bulldog puppy too much.

How to help your puppy during the teething time?

It is very important that during the French Bulldog puppy teething time you have plenty of Chew toys available for your puppy. So that he or she can redirect their mouth to their toys instead your beloved furniture or your hands etc. At the same time try to start basic obedience training as early as possible, what I mean is just simple commands like sit, come and down. This will entertain your Puppy’s brain and drain as well a lot of energy which they can then not use to chew on other things.

French Bulldog Puppy teething time is a very exciting time for you and your puppy to be in. You both will learn a lot from each another and about each other, this is the time where you will establish your love and trust. At the same time, this could be as well a very challenging time, but do not give up on your French Bulldog puppy. Remember you have been as well small and needed to learn so many things, if you still think that you can not handle the situation. Then my best advice would be to look for a professional, who can assess the situation and guide you through.

Do you have problems in the French Bulldog Puppy teething time? If yes do let Bushido and me know.

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