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French Bulldog Puppy Spends Christmas Behind Bars

Jingle bell jingle bell, I can hear it already in my ears. The whole house smell so nice, the whole Family is coming together and of course our lovely French Bulldogs.

French Bulldog Puppy Spends Christmas Behind Bars

But there are some French Bulldog Puppies who will spend the festive season behind the bars. As you know Christmas is as well the time where Puppy mills make their big bucks, and we as new Owner really pay way to less attention on where we buy our new family member.

I advice you all, new and old French Bulldog owners PLEASE go to a nice breeder whom you trust to buy your Frenchie! Don’t buy them in a pet store or just on the street…

Here are two more articles, which will describe the horrible situation.

A pet charity is warning people to think twice before buying that Christmas puppy after revealing hundreds of tiny dogs are suffering as they are being smuggled into the UK.

As part of an ongoing investigation into puppy smuggling, Dogs Trust have made the promise to save those animals they find coming into the country illegally.

The trade is booming thanks to the demand for the young dogs as Christmas presents.

During the festive season, corrupt eastern European breeders exploit the demand for designer dogs by smuggling tiny underage puppies hundreds of miles into Great Britain to be sold online.

Today the charity unveiled pictures of the first group of designer pups seized from Hungarian transporters who attempted to smuggle them puppies into Dover with false passports.

The smuggled puppies, a mix of French bulldogs, English Bulldogs, Pugs and Chow Chows were destined to be sold online as Christmas presents.

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Designer puppies will be spending the festive period behind bars in quarantine after being smuggled into the UK to be sold to unsuspecting families as Christmas presents.

There is just one week to go until Christmas Day and the next seven days will see people desperate for that ‘perfect’ pup unwittingly funding the animal smuggling trade.

“Had we not stepped in, these puppies would have been bought by unsuspecting buyers and they would have undoubtedly been lumped with the hefty quarantine bill and emotional stress.

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Let’s French It Up and buy our new family members at the right place.

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