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French Bulldog Cherry Eye What You Should Know About It

I still remember the day very clearly, I came home from work and my ”at this time still puppy Bushido” ran to me with his butt wagging in all kind of directions. He was so happy to se me, so do I. But this time was something different, I did not see it first but than at the second look I saw something popped out from his left Eye.

So I took a closer look at it and got a real shock as I never saw something like this before, the first thing I did was going to Google and start inputting different  phrases. Because I really did not knew it at this time, that this is called Cherry Eye Remedy.

Google came up direct with many different suggestion on what the cause is and what I should do about it plus some videos. But it still took me a while till I found the right information about it and what I should do and what is a Cherry Eye.

After studying for a couple of blog posts and watching some videos, I decided to go with the gentle massage technique. At first I was hesitant on how to do it and if I do it the right way, but it turned out well and the Cherry Eye disappeared for now.

The next day it came back again and I massaged it back again, and it worked again. Now I have to say that the Cherry Eye did not come back each day but maybe one to three times per week. I as well went to a Veterinarian and he told me to stick to the massage technique and observe it further.

Over time the Cherry Eye of Bushido got better and better and came out less frequent, and right before he turned two years old it disappeared forever and I have never seen it again.

French Bulldog Cherry Eye What You Should Know About It

This is what you are going to learn in this post about ”French Bulldog Cherry Eye what you should know about it.”

  • Whats is actually Cherry Eye
  • The cause of it
  • Different solutions of treating it

What is actually a French Bulldog Cherry Eye?

French Bulldog Cherry Eye And What You Should Know About It
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A Cherry eye in medical terms is the prolapse of the third eyelid gland.

Unlike people, French Bulldogs have a membrane in the corner of each eye, located underneath the lower lid, which houses a tear gland. When this gland is healthy it’s not visible when you look at your French Bulldog.

But occasionally this gland will pop or bulge out and you’ll see red, thickened, irritated-looking tissue inside the corner of your pup’s eye. And once this gland pops out, it can become increasingly inflamed and even develop an infection. It is not life threatening to your young French Bulldog, but at the same time you should not ignore it as well. Take your time and don’t fall in panic to see which solution will fit best for you and your French Bulldog Puppy.

If your French Bulldog has a cherry eye, he probably seems to be managing just fine. Fortunately, the condition isn’t really painful for our beloved Frenchies. However, because the gland is no longer seated in its normal position, it can prevent adequate lubrication of the eye.

Cherry eye, or prolapse of the gland of the third eyelid, is quite common in small dogs. The prolapsed gland itself rarely causes discomfort or damage to the eye, so the repair is mostly cosmetic. Most people choose to repair it, because it can have a very unpleasant appearance.

It is important to know that not only French Bulldogs are getting a cherry Eye, many other breeds are having the same issue. Especially breeds with the letter ‘B’ are getting it more than other breeds. Here is a list below for the breeds which have regularly an issue with the Cherry Eye.

  • Beagle
  • Bloodhound
  • Boston Terrier
  • Bull Terrier
  • Bulldog

And here are some other breeds with the letter ‘B’ who are as well prone to a Cherry Eye including:

  • Lhasa Apso
  • Cocker Spaniel
  • Saint Bernard
  • Shar-Pei

Important to notice: It does not mean you have now a French Bulldog, that it automatically will get a Cherry Eye!

What is the cause of French Bulldog Cherry Eye?

The Veterinarians do not totally agree on what actually is the cause in a French Bulldog to develop a Cherry Eye. What we know about it is, that it mostly occurs in French Bulldogs under two years old. When their muscles are not totally developed. But again some Veterinarians suggest that the Cherry Eye is genetically developed in our French Bulldogs. The best thing about this irritation is that it is totally treatable. Bushido got rid of it before he turned two years old.

This Video explains it as well very well, yes I know it is not a French Bulldog in the Video.

So how do you treat a French Bulldog Cherry Eye?

If you want to treat a Cherry Eye in your French Bulldog you are on the lucky side, as you will have a couple of solutions on how to treat it. But first things first, I always recommend visiting a veterinarian before doing something your self. So that he can show you maybe what the best solution might be or which steps you have to take first.

One of the first thing you gonna read about is, to use a antibiotic ointment gel which you can carefully apply to the Eyes. You can apply it like Eye drops, and normally after two applications the Cherry Eye should go back.

Another method which you can use, but this method it is not for every one. Your French Bulldog has to be really still at this time, your are going to use a warm clean cloths to warm the area for a few minutes to promote tear production and lubricate the infected area. After a view minutes the area is lubricated you can than start slowly massaging the Cherry Eye back in place.

Now this is my most favourite solution to this problem and which helped me and Bushido a lot. When ever I saw a Cherry Eye on Bushido. I called him to me, gave him a treat and massaged it gently back. This worked every time for me and it was quickly done as well. The way I was doing it, I was holding his head gently closed his infected Eye with my tumb and started to massage it slowly back in a circle motion. Sure first time I was not sure if I do it right, but it truly worked very nice so we sticked to it every time.

Here is a video on how you can massage the Cherry Eye back by yourself. The same technique applies to a French Bulldog as well.

The third solution about which you read a lot and as well the veterinarian would recommend for obvious reasons, is to make a short and quick medical surgery where they seat the gland back in its normal position under the lower eyelid. Sometimes the veterinarian would recommend to remove the tear gland completely, but personally I do not recommend it as some French Bulldog can than develop dry Eyes and you always have to use than a solution for their eyes.

This video shows you a live a Cherry Eye surgery.

Well I truly hope that you have enjoyed this post and that you are nor more confident when it come to ‘French Bulldog Cherry Eye What You Should Know About It’. If you need any more clarification or you do not understand something please leave me a comment below. I would as well very much appreciate if you could share this post on your favourite social media platform.

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