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Crate Training Your French Bulldog Puppy

Create training your French Bulldog puppy is one of the most important steps you can do. There are several reasons why this step is so important.

1. It will help you with Potty training

2. It is safe for your Frenchie

3. Your French Bulldog has his own rest place, his private cave

4. If you go out the door, then you know nothing can happen to your French Bulldog Puppy as he or she is in the crate

Many people are struggling with this matter, because a lot of people see it as inhumane. But if you want to train your Puppy potty than the crate will help you a lot. If later one your French Bulldog is well behaved, house broken and you think he will not get in too¬†trouble. Then you don’t need the crate anymore, you can let your French Bulldog be more free in your house.

The below video is a simple and short one which will show you just quick the basics. Please pay special attention what he says when he wants to release the puppy.

French Bulldog Puppy crate training basics.

Hope that this video helped you on the way on crate training your puppy.

Let’s French it up…

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