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24 French Bulldog Puppy Products Which You Need

When you first buy your French Bulldog Puppy you can be pretty overwhelmed with the things which you need or no need to buy for your Frenchie. You will go normally go to a pet store and see a sheer selection of leashes, harness etc. You might ask yourself ‘Do I really need it? Or what do I really need?’, and this is just the section with the leashes. The next step would be food, and again you will have a very wide variety on food brands which you can have, some will have beautiful pictures which entice you to buy but are actually pretty rubbish in the quality.

I still remember when I got my Bushido, my wife and me we went to the store and spend something like three hours inside. At the end of the day, we bought way too many things which till now we still did not use and of course, we forgot some of the most important ones or we bought them twice; example is a nice crate!

I wish I would have somehow, somewhere a list or pictures with all the stuff which we bought for our French Bulldog Puppy.

What are you going to learn from this post? I have created a list with 24 French Bulldog Puppy products which in my opinion you absolutely need if you own a French Bulldog. Some of the products you will still need and continue to use even your French Bulldog Puppy is already an adult. The list is not really chronological but mainly just what came to my head when I went through Bushido stuff. So something maybe on place 17 could be more important for you than for me and vice versa.

French Bulldog Puppy, what do I need?

1. Love and Affection

This is something which you must give your French Bulldog Puppy from day one! I put it here as my number one because I truly believe if you love your French Bulldog Puppy then you will have a long lasting relationship. Remember that dog can smell you, and they know exactly your feelings towards him or her. So it is better to be very positive from day one, and give your puppy some great affection. French Bulldogs are very close to their Humans and they always want to be in the middle of the action. The first 9 month in a French Bulldog Puppy life are very important and you can make a lot of things right but as well a lot of things wrong. Things which you have made wrong can be corrected later on, but why do the all the work if you can make it directly right.

2. Discipline and Patience

A very big one and could be as well number one on this list. Discipline and patience and very crucial for a French Bulldog puppy! Why? Well, french bulldogs are very stubborn and they do like to go with their head first through the wall. When you see the most smartest dogs in the world ranking, well our Frenchies are not really in the top 10, it does not mean they are dumb it just means that they need a bit more patience when it comes to training and discipline. With a French Bulldog puppy, you will need the patience so that he or she are learning our world on their own pace as we as humans can get stressed out about a lot fo things.

3. Basic Obedience

This goes hand in hand with the number 1 and 2 from above. Basic obedience is so easy to train your French Bulldog Puppy, but still many people do not do it at all. Either they are too lazy or they think that they puppy should know how to sit and stay by them self. Once you teach your French Bulldog puppy some basic obedience you will start having a very balanced dog. Basic obedience means as well socializing your French Bulldog puppy with other dogs, humans, cars etc…You can download a Free Basic Obedience E-Book right here on this website and start training your puppy or adult right now.

4. Collar, Leash or Harness 

First things first, whatever you feel using and which is comfortable for you and for your French Bulldog please use it. I’m not here to judge you when you prefer using a collar over a Harness. Anyway, you will need to have at least two collars and two harnesses as the first one which you are going to buy for your French Bulldog puppy will later not more fit once he grows up. All I can say is that as long your Frenchie is still a puppy you should buy something light so that the puppy can get used to the sensation on his neck or around his breast. If you are looking for some nice looking Harness or Collar, I could recommend this website here as they have some really good and quality products. (This is not an affiliate link)

5. Crates 

Some people do like them some people do not like them . I personally would recommend anyone using a crate. It will help you with potty training, separation anxiety and once you leave the house you know your French Bulldog Puppy is safe! And by the way, if you decide to fly one day your French Bulldog should be better be used and love his crate. Otherwise, you might have a big surprise where you can not fly, there are different creates for your puppy and you should choose the one you like both, as an advice please do not choose something too big.  Here is something I would recommend and by the way, this is my favourite one because I can fly with it Hard plastic Crate, and this one is as well a good one I believe most of the people have something like this a metal crate. When choosing a crate or carrier, make sure that your pup can stand up, lie down, turn around, and stretch inside. Though dogs prefer to have a close-in den-like space, they also need room — but not too much — to feel comfortable

6. Dog Bed

There are many dog beds out there in this world and my guess is you will go through a couple of them. Because our French Bulldog Puppies do like to chew them up or just do not like them at all sometimes. I believe I got already 4 or 5 but still Bushido likes to be on the couch.

7. Food Treats

A fantastic and great tool to use for rewards and Basic Obedience training and nothing else. Please just really give your French Bulldog Puppy when he or she has done something good! It is the best way to give positive reinforcement and your puppy will learn very quick what is expected from him.

8.  Grooming Supplies

Even though your French Bulldog Puppy is young but he needs to learn from day one how to behave during grooming. You don’t want to have an excited or afraid french Bulldog during grooming, the good thing is that our Frenchies are not that hard to groom. Basic things will do their best.

  • Blow dryer
  • Bristle brush
  • Comb
  • Conditioning spray
  • Cotton balls
  • Ear cleaning solution
  • Grooming table or grooming area
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Slicker brush
  • Styptic powder
  • Toothbrush and dog toothpaste
  • Towels

9. Identification

Is key and I would recommend that every dog will have one ID Chip or an ID tag, as you never know what can happen. Maybe your Frenchie will get scared outside and runs away, it will be easier to find him back if he has some kind of ID on him. People who will find him can either bring him to the VET and he scans the ID or you have a tag on him with your address and the name of the French Bulldog puppy.

10. Toys

Believe me you will never have enough of them, some are getting lost, chewed up or just simply destroyed. Have enough of toys around your puppy and your sofa and furniture will be safe.

11. Food

This is a very high topic on dog forums and in the press, should my dog go raw or should he have just dry food. What can I give him from the table and what not? In the first month of their life a French Bulldog Puppy will have a very sensitive stomach so it is best to use a very good and quality dry food I will give you below some recommendations but you can use as well the brand which your personally prefer.  All I know is hat there are some really shitty products and are getting hyped like hell. You should avoid to have grain in the dog food and not too much fat. What I do for Bushido is that he has in the morning and in the evening some cold pressed and very high-quality food and for lunch most of the time he has his favorites like chicken hearts or chicken liver. I have as well on this website a healthy homemade dog food guide, and I love the recipes inside which are very easy to use and follow. Here are some recommendations on dry dog food.

12. Poop Bags

Yep we all need them because it is not really nice to step into some poop. Better have them always with you to clean up after an accident. You will need them specially when our French Bulldogs are pretty young as they tend to pee and poo wherever they want.

13. Chews

Have them around to give to your French Bulldog Puppy during their puppy teething time period. This will give them relief and it will save your shoes!

14. Vitamins and Supplements

I would only recommend giving it to your Puppy if there is an illness, the VET advised you to it or you do not use a high-quality food. Otherwise, they can as well stay in the shop.

15. Food storage containers

Very useful, secure and keep the food fresh. You French Bulldog Puppy can not just open them where through a paper bag he will just rip it apart and eat some more food.

16. Nail Clippers

I put them here extra but they could as well go to the grooming section. Some people are afraid to cut the nails from their French Bulldog puppy and go with it to the Vet. I personally have always done it myself because this is just 5 10 minute job.

17. Dental Cleaning Products

There are many different dental cleaning products, from dog toothbrush to dental floss. I personally use a Dental Chew which has the same effect as a toothbrush. You can use either of them, but please make sure that you are using them for the good of your Frenchie.

18.  Flea, Tick And Heart Worm Prevention

You can get this products from your Vet, Amazon or an Animal online Pharmacy. Personally I would get it from my VET as he will have always the newest products can explain to you how to use them and they are not expired.  Flea and Tick would be a liquid which you put on the neck and down the spine where the Heart Worm would be a tablet which you give your French Bulldog Puppy in oral from.

19.  Baby Gates

I simply love Baby Gates! Simply to use and do a fantastic job in keeping your French Bulldog Puppy safe and within his boundaries. I have one in front of my kitchen door and my sleeping room, the kitchen is not the safest room for your Frenchie.

20. Furniture Covers

Very useful even though our French Bulldogs have one coat of hair, but they still do loose their hair and if you have a soft Fabric furniture the hair will stick on it and is very easy to remove. One tip from my side is if you want to remove dog hair from your furniture use a plastic glove and a vacuum cleaner.

21. Baby Wipes

I use them every day, to clean the fold between the nose and the Eyes and as well to clean the paws. Baby wipes are cheap and very useful.

22. Rabies Shots

Very important that your French Bulldog Puppy has all his shots and that you always follow up on his Rabies shots which is typically one time per year. When you get your puppy first, normally you will go direct to your VET and he will advise you which shots your Puppy will and should get. Please do not forget the Rabis shots it is a very crucial prevention which you should take serious.

23. Hoodie

Yep you are reading right, a Hoodie looks so cute and funny on a French Bulldog.  Better keep your camera ready because you will have a great photo session. Again here I can recommend

24. Camera

Last but not least a Camera, and it does really not matter which kind of camera. Just be sure to always have it close to you, because our Frenchies are big clowns and very funny. You really do not want to miss all the memorable moments from your French Bulldog puppy growing up and beyond.

Well, I really hope that you have enjoyed reading this post and that I have given you some Ideas on some things which in my opinion are really necessary once you get a puppy. If there is something I can help you with or you have any question which is related to French Bulldogs do let me know. Bushido and me would really appreciate if you could share this post on your favourite social media platform.

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